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Natural Tree Cellulose MSM Powder (1kg)

In an effort to always bring you the best products, we have a new MSM powder which has been independently tested and proven to be the best in the world. 100% Pure MSM with no fillers, expanders or binding agents. This is a truly natural MSM in crystal form derived from the liquid left after the extraction of cellulose from pulped trees.


MSM is organic (biological) sulfur. It can be found in plants high in sulfur like broccoli, garlic etc.

Why do I need sulfur?

Sulfur is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body. It is present more profusely in the skin, hair, nails and connective tissues (especially joints), although it is also very important to all the organs. Proteins found in foods contain sulfur, but that sulfur must be employed in the protein so MSM is the perfect form of sulfur which our body can use to, not only make its own proteins, but also to employ in the repair of skin, hair, nails and connective tissues where it is predominantly found and to take to other parts of the body that need it.

Why use MSM powder?

MSM is the most bioavailable (usable) form of sulfur to the human body. The reason most people nowadays must supplement sulfur (in the form of bioavailable MSM) in their diets is because MSM being very water soluble is easily lost from foods in the process of cooking, cleaning, refrigeration and storage. Most of us don’t have an organic garden and eat raw fruits and vegetables from it daily, so much of our dietary sulfur is lost.

Signs of sulfur deficiency include slow wound healing, brittle hair and nails, acne, joint pains. In studies, MSM has shown to be anti-inflammatory (Morton et al. 1986; Childs, 1994; Murav’ev et al., 1991). In a study conducted on patients with osteoarthritis, 1500 mg per day of MSM were taken (alone or in combination with glucosamine sulfate) and it showed that MSM was helpful in relieving symptoms of knee osteoarthritis (Usha and Naidu 2004).

100% Natural Tree Cellulose MSM Powder

There are no known overdoses of MSM for humans, however we recommend for adults 1 teaspoon – 4 tablespoons daily depending on your sulfur needs. May be taken continually in the pattern of 3 days on and one day off.

For a super energy boost when you can’t move, try mixing 1 teaspoon – 1tablespoon of MSM with 2 tablespoons of our Superfood Formula and 1 teaspoon of High Octane in a glass of juice, apple or grape (preferably organic).

Lexii (verified owner)

I purchased this for inflammation, I found it helped with pain, will be buying a larger amount next time.

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