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We're proudly Australian owned and operated.

All our products are naturally designed to work first time, every time, ensuring a potent effect. We never take short cuts or look at the bottom line. The one thing that concerns us is how we can make our products better, stronger, more effective. Once you try any of our products you’ll experience the difference.

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Welcome to Eden Healthfoods!

Eden Healthfoods is a genuine health company creating genuine products, with your health as our focus. We're quality driven, creating premium wholefood nutritional supplements. All our products are made to be the strongest, purest and most effective, using the best ingredients available with no expense spared.

Our products will change your life and help you Create Powerful Health. "I have a genuine desire to help people achieve powerful health. I want this for myself and my family, and therefore would not create a product that I would not use in my own home. Eden Healthfoods is founded on this concept and we hope that people can see that we only want the best for them through the products we deliver."
- Steven Prahin, CEO and Founder -

Whole Food v
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Eden Healthfoods' whole food nutritional supplements

We Give Back

Eden Healthfoods provides ongoing support to many charities around the world. When you purchase any products from us, a minimum of 10% of profits go to one of our chosen organisations. Help us continue to make a difference to those who need it most.

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