Charitable Affairs

Eden Healthfoods provides ongoing support to many charities around the world. We take a vested interest in helping support those less fortunate, by donating time and money through missionary programs. We work with local organisations who have hands on experience with the local communities and know what they need most. 

When you purchase any products from Eden Healthfoods, a minimum of 10% of the profits go to one of the organisations listed below. Help us continue to make a difference to those who need it most.

Change 1 Life

The founders of this organisation have given up everything to personally try and make a difference for those less fortunate than us.

They do this by providing homes for orphans, clinics for HIV+ children and babies, health care for those who cannot afford it, jobs and micro-industry for widows and the unemployed. They also teach communities in Africa about cleanliness, keeping good health and general skills that we in Australia may take for granted.

If you would like to find out more, check out their Facebook page Change 1 Life.

Entering Wedge Ministry

A self supporting ministry by Australian friends of ours in Fiji. We not only support Entering Wedge Ministry through monetary donations, we have also visited Fiji on a mission trip with the team to provide hands on support.

One of their projects is Prison Ministry, which involves supplying inmates with mattresses as they sleep on concrete floors, providing reading glasses, engaging one-on-one with inmates to give encouragement and support overall mental health, and continue with ongoing programs when inmates have been released with full time ministry sponsored Fijian workers.

The Ministry visit some of the remote villages and have provided funds for a boat to visit the outlaying islands (Fiji has 330 islands). These visits include medical work through natural treatments, consultations, blood sugar and blood pressure readings and hand out information and health related material.

During a recent visit by Eden Healthfoods, there were 300 consultations in a day - which was an outstanding achievement. 

To support or find out more visit their website.

Asian AID

Eden Healthfoods supports Asian AID in providing education to children and young adults in disadvantaged communities, assisting Nepalese women suffering from uterine prolapse, leper communities, special-needs children, trafficked girls and women, slum communities, the sick and the very poor. Asian AID seek to alleviate poverty, to empower, to advocate and to give hope.

To find out more or offer your support visit their website.



Child Impact

Child Impact is a Christian, non-profit organisation that is committed to making a difference in the lives of children and people in poverty. 

Child Impact provides education and vocational training to children and young adults through sponsorship programs in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
As well as sponsorship programs, their work includes providing assistance to blind and deaf schools, communities in need of clean water supplies, Nepali women affected by uterine prolapse, destitute widows and the very poor. Together with governments, churches, and our implementing partners, Child Impact is committed to providing opportunities to those in need.

To find out more or offer your support visit their website.