Deep Tissue Oil


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Intensive Massage Oil (25ml)

Deep Tissue Oil is a very powerful, deep penetrating heating oil that increases circulation and relieves pain, inflammation and stiffness. It is 100% natural, without chemical carriers or artificial active ingredients. 

Infused with organic and wildcrafted herbs, it may be helpful in treating arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, lumbago, or any muscle or bone pain, like bruises, bangs, tendonitis, trauma, broken bones, by expediting the healing process.


With a combination on certified organic essential oils, this formula is stronger than anything on the market for relieving the pain of muscle soreness. Whether you've sustained an injury playing sport or suffer chronic arthritis or other painful bone and joint diseases, this powerful formula will alleviate pain and stiffness, and speeds healing dramatically. 

Wintergreen oil naturally reduces pain and inflammation, and is almost pure salicylic acid - the active constituent of aspirin (which is made from coal tar derived salicylic acid).

Botanical menthol (peppermint oil concentrate) is one of nature’s most powerful counter-irritants, creating a cooling or heating sensation on the surface, which greatly relieves the pain.

Cayenne and ginger are also powerful counter-irritants and dramatically increase the circulation in the area which speeds up the healing process.

Arnica flower, Calendula and St Johns Wort flowers are three well-known herbs to treat bangs, bruises and broken bones. Some may think these herbs are lightweight in comparison to the preceding herbs, but they have been used in Europe in traditional herbal medicine for hundreds of years with great success as “bone-setting” herbs.


Unlike most topical arthritic and muscle applications, Deep Tissue Oil uses concentrated herbs, rapidly absorbed to treat the affected area. These concentrated herbs penetrate deep to create a heating cooling effect, increasing circulation to provide relief, naturally. All ingredients are derived from whole herbs, without the use of artificial active ingredients or chemical carriers.

We use certified organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil as a carrier, naturally packed with anti-ageing antioxidants and hydrating squalene benefits to the skin (its use dates back Ancient Egypt). The skin is our largest organ and absorbs environmental toxins and foreign substances surrounding us. If non-organic substances are used on our skin, these will appear in our bloodstream. It's so important to, not only be careful with what we put IN our bodies, but what we put ON our bodies. We have named in "Miracle in a Bottle" after our customers' feedback.


Wintergreen Oil*, Botanical Menthol*, Habanero Cayenne Pepper*, Arnica Flower*, Calendula Flower*, St Johns Wort Flower*, Ginger Root*, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil*

*Certified Organic      +Wildcrafted

Use 1 or more dropperfuls on the body and rub in well for 10-15 minutes. Use with caution near sensitive areas of the body. To intensify the treatment take a hot bath or shower before application and then rub the oil in for 15 minutes.

You can also incorporate hot and cold hydrotherapy every day until you are well. Alternate very hot water over the injury for 1 minute and then ice cold over the injury for 1 minute. Alternate this hot and cold 7-10 times.

WARNING: Do not use on open wounds, genitals, eyes or mucous membranes.

cikulin (user name)

It really works and it does not leave stains on your clothes.

trigmoxie (user name)

After my gym workout my knee gets a little sore. Before bed after a warm/hot shower I rub this oil on and the next morning there is no soreness! It really is amazing. Love how it heats up for a few minutes after applying it too.

himtqe (user name)

This is amazing! I’ve got the flu plus continuous back pain and inflammation and migraines. I rub it on my forehead and I sleep like a baby and my migraine disappears. So sick of tablets. I’m ordering extra as Christmas gifts this year. Thanks for creating such an incredible product!

Ellouise, D., Melbourne, Victoria

I take this to my massage therapist to use on my back and neck. I find it's really helpful, having had surgery on my spine, Deep Tissue Oil really helps to manage the pain associated with tight muscles and ligaments and it is soothing and smells amazing!

quantumrob (user name)

A great product, would recommend it to people who have aches and pains or do a lot of physical exercise. I train a lot and occasionally get a few niggles - as soon as they appear, I massage in the oil and as if by magic, the discomfort is always gone. I also like it that it’s not to hot on the skin, but warms up nicely.

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